Do you know the history of Opals? Romans thought opal could attract friends and when worn by couples, it could bring fidelity, honesty, and truth to matrimony. Opals have been the most coveted gemstone through the ages owing to its iridescence and beautiful streak of colors. AtPerry’s Healing Crystals show a wide variety of Australian Opal Jewelry, Mexican fire opal jewelry and Precious Ethiopian opals you can choose from. Grace and charisma will be always by your side when you wear Opal jewelry.

What Is Opal?

Showing a bright iridescence of multiple colors, opal is a gemstone that is sacred and vibrant with varied hues. A form of non-crystalline silica, opal is naturally faceted in most cases. The interesting fact is that 30% of an opal stone is water. On the other hand, fire opal is an amorphous and hydrated silicon dioxide with an absent crystal lattice or structure.  

The milky white cloud on an opal stone is called opalescence. In a fire opal, there will be a fiery display of colors than a dominant milky white opalescence.

Which Is the Chakra of Opal?

Opal chakra depends on the colors. Peruvian opal awakens your throat and heart chakra while Black opal is a stone for the crown chakra. Ethiopian opal opens your sacral and root chakras and fire opal aligns your kundalini energy in the sacral chakra. Green opal often called Prase opal is a heart chakra stone for compassion and love. Oregon opal opens your solar plexus chakra to give you balance Owyhee opal is great for the third eye chakra.

What Are the Types of Opal Jewelry We Sell?

All your favorite opal jewelry in one place. We have a commendable display of opals including fire opals to enthrall you. If you’re naturally drawn to opals, gaze at the picture of the opal and see if it calls to you. Another way to pick stones is by the zodiac sign. You can also pick opal by color.  

In this collection, you'll be able to shop all kinds of Opal jewelry but especially Opal Rings, Opal Engagement Rings, Wedding Rings, Blue Rings and Men Rings. The most trendy types of Opal are Black Opal, Blue Opal, Australian Opal & White Opal. This is the place where to buy opal rings, and to see how much opal rings cost.

·      Opal Earrings

Studded in oval, round and teardrop, opal earrings are fabulous and flawless. The iridescence of opal swings with the natural movements of your head, creating a beautiful display of flashes. They are charming and powerful to keep your higher chakras such as crown, third eye and throat aligned.

·      Opal Bracelets

Blue Opal Jewelry is so famous because of the opal bracelets. These are wrist-wraps that are embedded with opal stone in varied shapes and sizes for the maximum luster. Wear them for protection because bracelets can infuse with the aura too.

·      Opal Rings

Be it sterling silver opal ring, white opal ring, silver opal rings or Welo Opal Rings, each one is more enchanting than the one before. Opal rings are one of the ancient beauty secrets as it can align higher and lower chakras with the swing of a hand. Find Opal rings cheap with big discounts.  

·      Opal Necklace Pendant

Opal Stone necklaces with pendant lockets are gorgeous. They empower your chakra of confidence and will power- throat chakra. Buy Opal today!

·      Fire Opal Ring

Fire opal ring is a mystique stone that sets your sacral chakra alive. Fire Opal Jewelry can invite passion and self-belief into you.

·      Fire Opal Bracelet

Wearing fire opal bracelet can raise your auric vibrations and fill you with energy, strength and determination.

·      Fire Opal Pendant Necklace

If you’re looking for fire opal pendant necklace, they are perfect for keeping your heart and throat chakra connected.

·      Opal Jewelry Set

Opal earrings and necklace set combines the beauty of both opal earrings and necklace, sometimes even with matching bracelets. Opal jewelry sets are fashionable and ultra-modern, designed for the woman with a refined sense of fashion.