The birthstone of December, Topaz is a unique gemstone that shows almost all the colors in a rainbow. Topaz jewelry is riveting and trending by each passing day. Unique and full of metaphysical properties, it can align multiple chakras based on the topaz color you choose. Topaz necklace and earrings combo to fashion-forward topaz bracelets, we have topaz of your dreams.

What is Topaz?

Topaz is an enchanting gemstone that exhibits many colors. From red to blue, yellow and orange, there are many variations of topaz available around the world. It is a silicate variety of aluminum and Fluorine. With a hardness of 8, topaz is scratch-resistant jewelry. Topaz crystals look prismatic with pyramidal faces.

Why Wear Topaz?

What is Topaz Good for? Don’t wonder; scroll away.

  • Topaz is a Cosmic Awareness Stone.
  • Wearing topaz makes you naturally attract wisdom towards you.
  • Topaz triggers healing by increasing your immunity.
  • Wearing topaz can make you charismatic and charming with your friends.
  • Topaz brightens your aura and makes you lovable.
  • Wearing topaz makes you a good listener.

Who should wear Topaz?

Crystal meaning of topaz is love, purity and compassion. Topaz is the birthstone of Sagittarius. Precisely put, blue topaz is the birthstone of the December babies. It is the citrine of those born in November under the zodiac sign of Scorpio too.

If you’re a Sagittarius, Topaz will remove hurdles out of your path and lead you to success. When a Scorpio wears topaz, they feel empowered and empathic. Topaz jewelry brings love and wisdom too.

Which is the Topaz Chakra?

Depending on the color of topaz you choose, the chakra will change. While mystic topaz aligns all the seven major chakras at once, orange topaz opens your solar plexus and sacral chakra while red topaz opens your root chakra. 

Types of Topaz Jewelry We Offer

AtPerry’s healing crystals portray a range of topaz crystals and topaz jewelry. You can browse your pick by clicking on any of the following.

·      Topaz Rings

Be it Topaz blue rings Topaz rings gold, Topaz wedding rings and Topaz rings with diamonds or Topaz diamond rings, topaz is a powerful stone. It makes you feel confident because topaz raises your will power.

·      Topaz Earrings

Want to connect with your higher chakras? Wear a topaz earring and leave the rest to it. Topaz crystals can open your crown and third eye chakras to make you intuitive and wise.

·      Topaz Necklaces and Pendants

You can wear a pink topaz necklace or pendant to open your heart chakra. Blue topaz necklaces are good for awakening the throat chakra to feel confident. It makes you feel powerful and charismatic.

·      Topaz Jewelry Set

Get your favorite topaz earrings with matching topaz pendant necklace or bracelets. We have a wide variety of topaz jewelry sets to satisfy your #TopazLove.

·      Topaz Bracelet

Want topaz to purify and amplify your bright aura? Wear a topaz bracelet because it will penetrate your aura. You can wear topaz bracelet to protect your from evil energies as it is protective.